Group Coaching

Our group coaching is created with the purpose of empowering entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, strategies, and support to succeed as business owners. 

What is GROUP Coaching?

Group coaching brings together like-minded entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance, support, and insights from a professional coach.

Industries We Serve

who's ready for it?

Business owners of companies that are earning between $150k - $800k in annual sales revenue

Clients We Help

How can we help you?

strategic planning

Our group coaching program offers a unique opportunity to create (or elevate)  your strategic business plan. With our expert guidance, you will gain valuable insights and tools to develop a clear and effective strategy that aligns with your business goals.

sales and marketing

Our group coaching program also tackles sales and marketing – and is an absolute game-changer for small business owners. Not only will it equip you with up-to-date strategies and tactics to boost your sales and increase customer engagement, but it also introduces you to a community of like-minded local entrepreneurs who can become part of your network.

growth & profitability

We understand that growth and profitability are two key elements for the success of your business. That’s why we have designed our group coaching programs to include growth and profitability discussions to help you achieve both simultaneously. Through our comprehensive coaching program, we provide you with actionable strategies and tools that can help you increase your revenue, while also improving your bottom line.

Building your team

Having a team creates another level of dynamics that business owners have to learn to maneuver but thankfully our group coaching program includes dedicated discussions around operations, team building, leadership, and management.  You will be transformed from boss to leader.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, we have all the technology needed to have you attend virtually, although you will have the biggest impact if you can join us live.  

We do not have any guarantees relating to our group coaching workshops.

Our group coaching sessions are for regular clients, but we do have special events, as well.  Those events take place in San Diego and Kansas City – and you can attend either of them virtually!  Please visit our Events Page for more details.

Of course, you are welcome to invite anyone from your team to join who will benefit from the curriculum

Is Group Coaching Right For You?

Through group coaching, small business owners can explore their challenges, broaden their perspectives, and gain new insights from their peers and experts in the field. 

Not only do you get to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs to network with, but it also provides an actionable framework for achieving tangible results. 

What is group coaching?

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Whats the Process?

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What is Included

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Is Group Coaching Right For You?

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How Many Group Coaching Sessions Will I Be Invited to?

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How We Help

ACTIONCoach South Kansas City group coaching programs are simplified and easy to understand.  Business owners join our group coaching programs are motivated to take action each time we gather. When you attend a group coaching event, you will find they are productive, no-pressure, and friendly, and they allow you the opportunity to be yourself.  What will you gain from attending?

⚪ Skills and Tools – We will help increase your business acumen by giving you tools and resources to build your business.

⚪ Coaching and Mentorship – We will guide you through strategy, mindset, systems, and processes.

⚪ Vision and Mindset – Our group coaching will help you gain vision and help develop the mindset needed to help you achieve your goals.