Getting Started With Small Business Group Coaching

Learn how to grow your business with intent, increase profitability without sacrificing quality, and reduce stress while you do it.  

Group coaching is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs of micro and small businesses to gain valuable mentorship, camaraderie, and coaching affordably and regularly.  

What is Group Coaching?

Small business group coaching is a process of strategic topic-specific coaching that is conducted in a group setting. It is a way to inspire, empower, transform and support individuals towards achieving their personal and professional goals.  

The Process of Group Coaching

The coach, as a facilitator of the workshop, provides an environment where individuals can learn from each other, share their experiences and receive feedback from the others in the group. These interactions are beneficial in helping small business owners gain insights into ways to overcome their own challenges or create their own goals.

The group coach starts by setting the agenda and lays down the objectives clearly. This dictates what should happen in each segment of the coaching session. The coach will then facilitate the discussions and give feedback to the group, based on the points raised. Each session lasts for a specific amount of time, with the goal of moving towards achieving the objectives set.

What is Included in a Group Coaching Experience?

Group coaching consists of interactive sessions that are designed to challenge and inspire small business owners to achieve their desired goals. A typical group coaching session may include activities such as brainstorming, role-playing, and setting of goals. The coach may share articles, books, and other resources to help participants understand the concepts being discussed. Additionally, homework assignments are often given to participants to reinforce the concepts discussed and to encourage personal reflection and growth.

Is Group Coaching Right for You?

Group coaching is right for individuals who are willing to network, get involved, be present, and be open-minded. These elements are essential in group coaching as they enable individuals to learn from others and gain insights into their own coaching goals.

Group coaching is also suitable for those who are interested in improving their interpersonal skills and increasing their self-awareness. It is also beneficial for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are looking to grow their businesses, careers, and professional networks.

How Often Do Group Coaching Sessions Meet??

Group coaching sessions typically take place twice a month for one hour.  Be aware, there is time required outside of these meetings.  You will be challenged with additional goals  (“homework”)  to work ON your business.  Most groups have 2-4 members and therefore are scheduled as much as possible on the same day of the week and time of day so that each member can attend.

How to Choose the Right Small Business Group Coach

Choosing the right small business coach is essential to ensure that you receive optimal benefits and to avoid wasting your time and resources. Here are some tips to help you choose the right small business coach:

Ask if the Coach offers Group Coaching (not all coaches offer this service!): 

If the coach does offer group coaching sessions, he or she will work with you to help you identify your business goals and objectives.  After this strategic planning session, your coach will match you with a coaching group that has like-minded individuals.  Typically groups are created around entrepreneurs that have similar professions, who will benefit from developing relationships with one another, yet may be at different steps in their business growth.  This helps everyone in the group gain insight from one another..

Ask the Coach what the Schedule is:

You will need to commit to regular schedules for group coaching to work.  Unlike one-on-one coaching, group coaching takes place at a standard day and time,  each time they meet.  

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable with the Coach:

Have a coach and a group that you trust.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you are at today.  It is imperative that all members of the group respect each other and keep what is discussed private.  Group coaching can be very rewarding with each member speaking into other businesses.  With a trusted coach facilitating each session, your business and you will get the tools and resources you need every session.

ActionCOACH®  South Kansas City is a Highly Rated Group Coach

We hold several small groups that meet both online and in person with an ActionCOACH coach facilitating the meeting.  We will recommend a group to you that we feel best meets your needs.  

Strategic Planning 

Gain direction, align your resources, maximize your efficiency, and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Vision and Mindset

We know that the long-term growth of your company is reliant on your drive, determination, and innovation so we help align your vision and mindset.

Sales and Marketing

We help you gain the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to get more leads, earn more sales, and increase your client satisfaction.

Growth and Profitability

Learn how to grow your business with intent, increase profitability without sacrificing quality, and reduce stress while you do it.  


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